What is a Church Member?
We believe that a church member is a committed follower or disciple of Christ. So, what does that look like? We believe that a disciple in Christ will be someone who Connects, Grows, and Serves. That’s someone who faithfully connects in worship both personally and corporately each week. Someone who grows in their relationship with God through their own devotion time and through faithful fellowship and growth in one of our small groups. Finally, someone who serves both in and through the ministry of our church.

Salvation and Affirmation of Doctrine
A prerequisite for membership is a trusting faith that Jesus and Jesus alone is the way to God the Father and eternal life. Also, we ask you to consider and affirm our doctrinal beliefs here at Milldale Baptist Church. Why is this important? A biblical church is a unified church and there cannot be unity when members hold to various forms of major doctrine. 

Want to Know More?
If you are wanting to know more about becoming a member of Milldale Baptist Church, please contact us (225) 654-8168 or milldalebaptistchurch@gmail.com