Core Values

            Zachary Christian Academy has adopted the following core values to provide a firm foundation for our school:

1. Christ-centered - Provide a learning environment which honors Christ in all respects; develops Christian character in students; and enables each student to reach their full potential in Christ.

2. Biblical Authority - The Bible is God's direction and guide for our daily lives and the lives of the children entrusted to our care. God's infallible Word is the authority for spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical development for our students.

3. Uniqueness of Each Student - Every student is created in God's image. We will educate them in a manner that affirms people and honors their individual uniqueness.

4. Academic Excellence - ZCA is committed to academic excellence in the classroom. Our curriculum challenges students to grow in their knowledge and understanding of art, science, mathematics, reading, computer technology, and social science. Our curriculum prepares students for a lifelong journey in learning.

5. Operational Integrity - ZCA's day to day educational and business practices will be a consistent model of integrity, efficiency, and accountability.